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Optimize your coffee business with best-in-class and most innovative tailor-made digital solutions.

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Discover how WMF CoffeeConnect can help you to improve your coffee business.

Digital Solutions

Software as a Service

Increase your performance

Tools to help you manage your coffee business.

Our seamlessly connected tools provide high transparency on the machine status and allow you to manage your coffee business.


This application allows you to monitor, control, manage and optimize your coffee business. The application consists of a variety of functions combined in one customizable dashboard which provides you with an overview of your coffee business regarding performance operation and maintenance.

  • Overview of machine status or revenues within a map
  • Errors, tasks and information regarding your coffee machines
  • Consumption and peak times
  • Many remote functions available

Know-how Center

The Know-how Center supports you in solving any issue or error that may occur. For best suggestions, you can share and rate your experience whether it was helpful or not.

  • Written and video supported instructions
  • An algorithm ensures that the best solution is shown on top
  • Our WMF partners profit from the longstanding knowledge and experience of our own large service network

Media Pool

This tool allows you to find any media asset in one place.
Catalogues, pictures, videos or manuals are available 24/7 and always in the latest version.

  • All media assets: catalogues, pictures, manuals etc.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Always up to date

Online Shop

The shop is the future place to order cleaning supplies. As a WMF partner you can even purchase spare parts and accessories.

  • Includes spare parts, accessories and cleaning supplies
  • Shows the availability of all items
  • Shows individual prices per customer


Efficiency improvement
Integrated and connected information
Identity and Access Management

Advanced Analytics

Data Insights

Learn more about your daily coffee business.

To better understand and improve your daily coffee business, we offer you Advanced Analytics based on a business intelligence platform.
You can get standardized reports, tailor-made reports, or even access to data in order to create self-made reports.

Tailor-Made Analytics

With the help of our Business Analysts and Data Scientists we are able to create customized reports in order to help you answer your individual questions.

Self-Made Analytics

Your data experts can create self-made reports using data from our business intelligence tool.


Standard Reports
Tailor-Made Analytics
Self-Made Analytics
Web-based & Real-time

3rd party Connectivity

Seamless Integration

Our expertise in your system.

We pave the way to an integrated ecosystem which connects our digital solutions with your applications.
We can provide you with appropriate interfaces (APIs) or even conduct integration projects of whole applications.


Integrate your own digital tools
Connect your own IoT equipment

Security and Data Privacy

Safe and Secure

We understand the importance of security and know that your data is crucial to your business success. That is why we developed our system following state-of-the-art standards for infrastructure, data security as well as identity and access management.

Infrastructure security

Our dedicated Information Security department formed of highly skilled and certified staff, created a state-of-the-art IT-security with highly resistant firewalls and gateways. We provide end-to-end security for both our coffee machines and connected devices with virus and malware protection.

Data privacy

We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and your data will be processed and encrypted, where required. Your information and individual data privacy is ensured by a contractual agreement as well as customer consent that works.

Identity and Access

A state-of-the-art Identity and Access Management that supports IoT requirements has been implemented. This system provides multi-factor and role-based access to data and systems.


State-of-the-art security infrastructure
End-to-End data protection
Focus on data privacy and control
Advanced rights management

WMF CoffeeConnect can help you improve your:


Customize your WMF coffee machine thanks to connected tools.


  • All-in-one digital solution that works across devices
  • With WMF CoffeeConnect Inside, all machines are ready to use digital solutions
  • Innovative advertisment opportunity on the machine display


Monitor and control the performance of your business.


  • Increased uptime thanks to a wide range of control functions measuring your machine performance
  • Usage overview and coffee portfolio adaptation through a live dashboard
  • Better understanding of consumer preferences


Make sure your machines are always fit for use and running smoothly.


  • Higher service efficiency and better intervention knowledge
  • Know-how Center for self-service solutions to reduce on-site services
  • Ensure continuous operational readiness


WMF CoffeeConnect has been structured to cover all your needs:


  • Basic overview and standard reports of your machine status and performance.

*The first 3 years are free, then the data transfer is charged.


  • All BASIC features
  • Detailed information about consumptions and peak times of beverages and ingredients.
  • Remote functionalities for increasing sales and adapt coffee portfolio.
  • Manage user rights and roles within your organization.


  • All PREMIUM features
  • Use remote functionalities to improve your service efficiency.
  • Benefit from solutions based on the bundled know-how of our own large service network.

Advanced Analytics – Consulting Services:

Tailor-Made Analytics

  • Development of tailor-made reports in Business Intelligence (BI) Tool upon requests including consulting services of our BI experts.

Self-Made Analytics

  • Allows you to develop your own reports with access to our Business Intelligence (BI) Tool including support and consulting services of our BI experts.


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