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WMF CoffeeConnect

Optimize your coffee business with best-in-class and most innovative tailor-made digital solutions.

WMF CoffeeConnect transforms the potential of your coffee machines, giving them the ability to provide valuable data and receive instructions remotely. You can view sales figures and service information anytime, anywhere. You can receive warning of low supplies, or the need for maintenance. And as the system is bidirectional, you can send promotions directly from your desk to the display of any machine. Best of all, you can use the basic features free of charge. By collecting, analyzing and processing smart product data, WMF CoffeeConnect gives you the power to optimize processes, reduce service costs, and increase turnover. And that’s only the beginning.

WMF CoffeeConnect Stories

Discover how WMF CoffeeConnect can help you to improve your coffee business.

Digital Solutions

Software as a Service

Increase your performance

Tools to help you manage your coffee business.

Our seamlessly connected tools provide high transparency on the machine status and allow you to manage your coffee business.


This application allows you to monitor, control, manage and optimize your coffee business. The application consists of a variety of functions combined in one customizable dashboard which provides you with an overview of your coffee business regarding performance operation and maintenance.

  • Overview of machine status or revenues within a map
  • Errors, tasks and information regarding your coffee machines
  • Consumption and peak times

Online Shop

The shop is the future place to order cleaning supplies. As a WMF partner you can even purchase spare parts and accessories.

  • Includes spare parts, accessories and cleaning supplies
  • Shows the availability of all items
  • Shows individual prices per customer

Entity Management

The Entity Management enables you to organize your coffee machines, users, rights and roles according to your needs. This helps you to manage your coffee business easy and efficient.

  • Overview the coffee machines and users of your organization
  • Build a hierarchy for our business by creating groups of coffee machines or users
  • Assign coffee machines in bulk to users and give them defined rights by using roles

Remote Management

With the Remote Management functionalities you can control your coffee machine from everywhere. This allows you to save time and effort in changing any settings or upload data. Furthermore, this ensures to process changes at the same time for all your machines. Functionalities depend on your role, the type of coffee machine and the installed hard- and software.

  • Management of display to upload and delete screensaver, dispensing picture or advertising
  • Price Management to change prices and set different prices for different groups
  • Restart Coffee Machine which may help to solve problems
  • Software Update to ensure latest software version and feature availability
  • Control Dispensing to lock and unlock beverage dispensing

Media Pool

This tool allows you to find any media asset in one place.
Catalogues, pictures, videos or manuals are available 24/7 and always in the latest version.

  • All media assets: catalogues, pictures, manuals etc.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Always up to date

Advanced Analytics

Data Insights

Learn more about your daily coffee business.

To better understand and improve your daily coffee business, we offer you Advanced Analytics based on a business intelligence platform.
You can get standardized reports, tailor-made reports, or even access to data in order to create self-made reports.

Tailor-Made Analytics

With the help of our Business Analysts and Data Scientists we are able to create customized reports in order to help you answer your individual questions.

3rd party Connectivity

Seamless Integration

Our expertise in your system.

We pave the way to an integrated ecosystem which connects our digital solutions with your applications.
We can provide you with appropriate interfaces (APIs) or even conduct integration projects of whole applications.

Security and Data Privacy

Safe and Secure

We understand the importance of security and know that your data is crucial to your business success. That is why we developed our system following state-of-the-art standards for infrastructure, data protection as well as identity and access management.

Infrastructure security

Our dedicated Information Security department formed of highly skilled and certified staff, created a state-of-the-art IT-security with highly resistant firewalls and gateways.

Data privacy

We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and your data will be processed and encrypted, where required. Your information and individual data privacy is ensured by a contractual agreement as well as customer consent that works.

Identity and Access

A state-of-the-art Identity and Access Management that supports IoT requirements has been implemented. This system provides multi-factor and role-based access to data and systems.


Telemetry as a standard
Central access to all applications
Integrated, connected information
Identity and Access Management
Continuous development of WMF CoffeeConnect and support by WMF digital team
Web-based and near real-time
Basic features included for free

All the advantages of connected knowledge.

Security & Privacy

State-of-the-art standards for total peace of mind

Security & Privacy

  • State-of-the-art security infrastructure
  • End-to-end data protection
  • Focus on data privacy and control
  • Advanced rights management


Monitor and control the performance of your business.


  • Advanced controls and measurement for increased uptime
  • Usage overview and portfolio adjustment via live dashboard
  • Better understanding of consumer preferences
  • Targeted advertising via remote management


Make sure your machines are always fit for use and running smoothly.


  • Higher service efficiency
  • Better knowledge for service interventions
  • Continuous operational readiness ensured


Tailor-Made Analytics and Self-Made Analytics


  • Standard Reports
  • Tailor-Made Analytics for deeper insights


The power of WMF CoffeeConnect


  • Integration of customer´s WMF coffee machines with WMF CoffeeConnect Inside.
  • Connectivity for WMF coffee machines equipped with the WMF CoffeeConnect module.

Small business

If your business is a hotel, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, office or catering company with only a few branches or a few coffee machines, then you may be able to add value by taking advantage of the following aspects of WMF CoffeeConnect.

Large business

Is yours a high-revenue organization with a large number of coffee machines in multiple locations across a wide geographical area? Then the following features may be of particular benefit.


As an operator, you will probably be interested in functions that indicate filling levels, ingredient con-sumption, error details and tasks of your customers’ coffee machines. WMF CoffeeConnect meets your needs in the following ways.

Trade partners

Of special interest to you are the Tailor-Made and Self-Made Analytics and the Professional Package. These features can help you manage your business effectively with regard to your customers.


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Join WMF CoffeeConnect

The WMF CoffeeConnect digital platform will be fitted as standard in nearly all WMF Professional Coffee Machines starting from July 2018. Most pre-existing WMF Professional Coffee Machine models can be retrofitted with WMF CoffeeConnect at any time.

Even without any connected coffee machines, registered customers can improve their business by taking advantage of the suite of digital tools available through WMF CoffeeConnect, such as Online Shop, Configurator and Media Pool.

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